The Rapture Of The Church

Back around Christmas 2017 I was talking with someone about the soon return of Jesus Christ. The person to whom I was having the conversation with said to me. You do know Satan will be coming first don’t you. Knowing where this was going I simply replied, yes. The next statement was not unexpected but definitely surprising. The United States will be attacked from the north by Russia and Satan with them. And I intend to go into the battle!

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The Divine Council!

Who Replaces The Divine Council!

I started this series of articles a few days ago. I don’t really know when I will finish. It is all about the completion or fulfilling of the Church Age Prophecies. As Christians we will see things we never expected to see. We didn’t expect to see many of these things because many of the pastors of our churches didn’t do their homework. Also those that did do their homework didn’t present the messages that Jesus wanted us to get.

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Fascism plus Communism equals Globalism which is an undercover progressive! Which is people who covet all that they don’t have and are prepared to kill you to get it. If we take a large bowl and put in a Hitler and Mussolini, stir lightly, Then add Marx, Lenin Stalin and a dash of Putin and mix well. Then educate in American schools and colleges. We get Clinton, McCain, Bush, Schumer, Pelosi, well you get the point. Garnish liberally with an elite atmosphere. I don’t care where you are born, you become what you eat or allow to be consumed by whatever manner!

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