Updated Hitler Plan!

Take a good look at what Hitler did before the end of WWII and compare it to what you see happening right now today! Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish People. Look at what America did after World War Two and you will see that many of the key people in Hitlers Administration were brought to America. America was busy assembling the plan to create the New One World Order you see coming to reality right now! If you are honest in your heart and fit the pieces together you will quickly see that the conspiracy had already begun. The children of those conspirators have completed the work that their fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers had laid the foundation for! Now we see another Hitler is continuing the work of the first Hitler!

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Mark of the Beast!

Revelation 19: 20

(20) And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Only those persons with the wisdom to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be able too understand that we are now in the setup phase to establish One World Government. All of this has been in scripture for thousands of years but the majority of the world population has rejected it! Today Bible prophecy is being fulfilled rapidly. Will you be one of those who live and reign with Jesus Christ or are you going to prefer to go to hell. There are only two choices available too you Heaven or Hell, your choice!

If you are a person that believes that you came from the line of monkeys that inhabit our earth. It will be very hard for you to make the only wise choice here. The majority of the populace will choose the monkey because they hate Jesus Christ. The only one who loves you enough to die for you!

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Useful Idiot – 1

Useful Idiot!

I should be writing a book but no there is not enough time for that! When you read the Holy Bible and not all versions are truly la-get! The only version I trust is the original King James Version. You can’t read it for the purpose of really knowing God and not see that He knew from the very beginning that man could not govern himself. He allowed man to prove that the evil self-appointed always grasp control and take what is not theirs just as they are doing today! They are willing to murder all who disagree with them. In this section I will deal with the federal government and its counterparts. Unfortunately most people don’t read or even own a Bible and have no idea who God really is. Even worse most who stand in the pulpits of America don’t read the Bible with the goal of knowing God and do it as a job.
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If you are not a Born Again Christian right now, you have an emergency setting in the center of your lap right now! Everything that the Federal Government is doing now is designed to provoke you into getting a gun and going to the streets. The purpose is to give them an excuse to declare Martial Law! Everything that is being done too you is illegal and they know that the Constitution prohibits them from doing the things they are doing! The January six arrests and the commission is illegal and everyone in the government who supports it should be in jail. The Bible predicted One World Government and if you still can’t accept Jesus as your Savior. You are willingly deceived and will be here for the party the elites have planned for you!

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Have I got your attention and do you realize what is happening in your world? There is a plan to reduce the world population so we can stop global climate change! There are more of us than there are of them but they are aggressively working to eliminate everyone but them. COVID is just the beginning of their sick effort and the vaccine only extends their evil plan. If you doubt that organized crime exists at all the highest levels in our government you are not paying attention. America’s Front line Doctors would like to give you a look at what is really happening.

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If you are a Christian you know that end of the church age prophecy is being fulfilled as you read this. But people who only give lip service to believing the Bible as truth that cannot be changed, only fulfilled, are everywhere! It doesn’t matter how you pray or what you pray prophecy will be fulfilled! Something that non Christians don’t understand is that God created all things and therefore owns all things! He has tolerated the evil actions of the greedy for thousands of years. But He told us in His word that there was a limit to His patience and that at the appointed time He would judge the entire population of the world and eliminate those who just weren’t capable of accepting and living a holy life! He gave us the signs to look for so we would know when He had reached that time of judgment. The signs are clear and this is the time for the reconcile all things, God will now separate the sheep from the goats!

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Who Is Jesus

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus was born into a family of God’s chosen people. Therefore:

Jesus is a Jew.

Jesus is a human being. Therefore:

Jesus is made in the image of God. Therefore:

Jesus is a spirit.

But then we must look deeper to see the whole truth in answering the question. In point of fact it brings us to other questions that we shall develop as we go into the heart of who and what God and man really is. I know most people probably don’t ever give any thought. However I shall take you to some those places in this article!

Those who have rejected Jesus or decided to put off making a commitment to Him by accepting His pardon for their sin. Will soon find that they have made a grave mistake in judgment.

He is the creator of all things and yet unlike all other humans! He loves everybody and wants all to be saved. But gives you the freedom to choose the future you want to have! He freely gives to you the right to live in a world without sin or be banished from His creation.

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Do You Know?

Do You Know?

Do you know there is going to be a Rapture or Catching Away of the saved people on planet earth? Actually most who will tell you about it have not given you all of the information. You can’t properly understand this if you don’t get everything God has provided for you. There are those who say it isn’t true that people who hope to escape the great tribulation have made it up. I have even heard pastors from the pulpit say it could happen any minute. That there are no signs or anything to give you a hint when it will happen. Others say it is not in the Bible! However, the single most important thing you will ever decide in your entire life. Is whether or not to become a Christian. God says He loves everybody and wants everyone to be saved. That He loves His name but loves His word even above His name. You need to get a good Bible and research it for yourself. Not all Bibles are created equal and I would suggest you get an Original King James Bible not a New King James Bible. In an effort to make the unserious among us happy. A new version was created and now some meaning of some verses are changed, in my opinion!

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What Did God Just Do? (Two)

From The Very Beginning!

God has had a plan for man and man has continued to say no to God at every turn. But God never allows His plans to die because He has core values that will not abandon! He will get to His goal because He is Holy and because He is perfect! Man will still see the completion of what He has always intended and wonder why they were so foolish in rejecting the ideal solution too all of his problems! Soon man will believe he is in a giant pin ball machine that he can’t escape. All the chaos he sees is of his own making and will be brought to an end by eliminating the evil and greedy among us!

Yes God never changes His goal and dedicated to reach His goal He will never loose sight of where He is going. But if we don’t cooperate with Him He has always got ways to get our attention and convince us that He is still God! Foolishly we reject the wisdom of God but He will reach His goal with or without us!

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Future of Man (One)

Future of Man (One)

In the beginning there was nothing but God! Nothing you see as you look around existed before God. He tells us in His word that He created all things and nothing existed until He spoke it into existence!

Now you may or may not believe that to be true. However that doesn’t make it untrue it only means it will be very hard for you to get to a destination that you will be happy with. You see there there has only been two destinations in the future of man from the very beginning! Heaven or Hell that’s it and that is something you may have a problem with but that also doesn’t make it untrue either!

Now I am not going to muddy the waters here I am one of those people who believes the following. Keep it simple stupid! Everything is actually quite simple and the snake oil salesman tries to complicate it in your mind so he can profit from your next decision! Just so you can relax, I’m selling nothing!

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