Freedom Ends!

When you allow the 2nd amendment to be compromised you are showing how little you value your freedom! The 2nd amendment states “shall not be comprised” and every time an attack on it reduces your freedom you should be outraged. The 2nd amendment guarantees all of the others and we would not have a country without guns!

We are now at a point that we can see the end of America just as the Bible predicts. Yes I maintain that America is mentioned in the Bible in spite of the fact that most pastors say it is not! The finish of America is dead ahead and will soon be in the rear view mirror. What it needs is a people with the love to back it up!!! In a country that would select Joe Biden as their president you need to expect that the worst that can happen will happen!

If you have ever taken the time to study the founders of our country you know what it cost the founders to establish this country. Unfortunately the majority of Americans are hobos! Then we have the traitors who take an oath and can’t wait to break it. That shows the true character of the people we hire to represent us! There real loyalty is to their ability to screw us as quickly and as often as humanly possible! But God is watching everything and is about to give them the justice they deserve! As long as there are wicked people on the earth weapons will always be needed to protect you and what is yours. The current administration is clear evidence that you and what you own will never be safe. Greedy people share the earth with the good and they multiply faster than we do! The plan to control you and what you have didn’t just happen. When America was created those who didn’t get what wanted, they already had a plan for today and it has been in the making for over two hundred years! But the creator knew from creation what He would do to reinstate His original plan for the world.

Revelation 18: 10

(10) Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

If you study the Bible you will see the Babylon mentioned in this verse is not the original city of Babylon because it has not existed for thousands of years but God follows the blood lines of the people throughout history and He never makes a mistake! You don’t have to believe me but just watch what happens within your lifetime. Plus do a study and see how this city conducts itself and know that God never makes a threat but a promise! You will soon recognize that America is being described. God never intended for man to rule himself. But His chosen people refused to accept Him as their king so He allowed man to prove they couldn’t rule themselves!

For those who laugh just take a look at the plans for a digital currency which will lead to the promised mark of the beast! The evil in our culture have promised to commit the largest mugging and robbery in the history of the world and didn’t even hide their intent. You will own nothing and be happy clearly means they intend to extort you! The Bible tells us that there will be a one world government in the last days and that is exactly where we are now. If you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior you have very little time left to correct your mistake of a lifetime!

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