Trans Humanism Pt 7

In summary of Trans Humanism, let me say this. If you are someone that believes we are in a world that most people can be trusted, wake up! We live at the most exciting time to be alive. But at the same time we live at a time when most people are evil. They are willing to win at any cost without realizing what winning should actually mean. At the very center of winning should be an honest assessment of one question, is there a God.

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Trans Humanism Pt 5

A new summer blockbuster titled “Lucy”, starring megastar Scarlett Johansson is set to make a big haul at the box office. The movie, about a woman who is exposed to a drug that allows her to access the full use of her brain and attain superhuman powers, appears to be another example of the marketing of the transhumanism movement – which attempts to use technology to enhance humanity to the point of being immortals with godlike powers. All of this is the same deception Satan used on humanity in the Garden of Eden and draws people from believing in God into believing they can actually be god themselves.

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Trans Humanism Pt 4

The following is an excerpt from

“It’s all done with a syringe, so there’s actually no need to cut yourself open… There is a little bit of blood involved though. And if it sounds too creepy, keep in mind that we’ve been implanting chips into our pets for years now. And in fact it’s entirely the same process…

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Trans Humanism Pt 3

Trans Humanism Pt 3

Trans Humanism is being sold to the public by the snakes of globalism. We will continue to hear all about the great benefits to come. Benefits of health, better eye sight, eyesight, muscle tone and disease free living, all a lie. In the days of Noah, God eliminated everything that was not created by Him. He will do the same this time. But lets take a look at the real goal of these people. They want to change the entire world into a dictatorship. Believe it or not, they will succeed in doing it, but it will last only about seven years. Seven years of pure hell and America is standing in the way of that dream.

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Trans Humanism Pt 1

Trans Humanism a marriage made in hell! It’s all about human body united with a computer.
Much faster than the average person can believe, your government plans to make you extinct. Remember all the talk about curing disease with stem cell research? It was the big lie to get you to fund your own demise and or slavery. And it is certain that George W Bush and others like him knew while they spoke about it. What the real purpose of the project was, trans humanism research.

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