Fruits and Nuts!

We in America vote for and allow the fruits and nuts to go to congress and prove that they don’t care what we want. Then we turn around and keep sending them back again and again. I am now firmly convinced that I live in a country of people that are nothing like the founding fathers who gave it all to found the nation! A nation of people who have no appreciation for the freedom they inherited and the morals of an in heat house cat. They get pregnant and then demand the right to murder the baby!
The God who has blessed this nation has had enough and has now placed this nation under judgment! We are now in the end time and will see Him show His displeasure. What the evil people in the current administration calls climate change hasn’t seen anything yet! As is His usual method I believe we will see the communist countries throughout the world. They will join hands and we will see why the current administration has put our country in a position where we are not able to defend ourselves. No one can make the mess we see in this country by accident.

Take a very careful reading and study of Revelation 17 and 18 I believe you will see America and Joe Biden putting together his digital money program! If I am correct you will also see the future of America spill right out into your lap. I’m sure Joe didn’t create this program himself but he has been chosen to put it into place and later be presented to the Antichrist just as Rev. 17:17.

Revelation 17: 17

(17) For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

This is prophecy being fulfilled today and most will never even recognize it, as in the days of Noah!

Most people don’t see the Bible or God as being relevant or anything that they need to deal with today. But it will suddenly be very important when it becomes an emergency after it is too late to be in the rapture!

Don’t believe the lie that you can escape being in the judgment. The only people who will not be in the judgment are those who accept Jesus as their savior. All others will go to heaven and appear at the Great White Throne Judgment! After you have passed from this life, and you will, if you have not accepted Jesus, you still own your sin and will appear at the throne of God and then hell! If you are reading this article you can still fix your situation but I would not put it off another minute.

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