Set Your Schedule!

Who sets the priorities at your house Satan or God? That may sound like insanity to you but most people if they are honest will tell you that they set them. But that being true we still need to know if they make decisions only based on what Gods word says or if they say they have to accept the reality that they don’t know when Jesus will come for them and if He should tarry they must have done the safe thing and decided based on the fact that they will probably still be here years from now!

That almost certainly was true twenty years ago but if we are paying attention we know that all governments are now centers of organized crime! The one world government promised by God is now in complete control. Within ten years the rapture will have happened and anyone still alive can safely assume they are either blessed or very lucky possibly both!

In America the government of by and for the people has been stolen from a lazy people who failed their children and grand children. The people you chose to represent you in Washington DC have long since given you the middle finger and stolen everything you thought was yours!

The more we trust government the more they are emboldened to lie to us! The wicked of this world have set a goal to take over the country that God has blessed more than any other. Now the Americans God has blessed are determined to destroy God and all who love Him. They have set goals by which they wanted to have the coup completed and each time found they had set their goal but had not reached their evil plan yet. But now 2030 has been determined to be an absolute time they would have the power to rape and rob not only America but all of the people of the world! For that reason they hatched a plan of genocide that would destroy all who opposed them. Look around you can see it? Have you ever seen the boldness at this level. They could care less and less about the fact that those who want to know can actually see where we are headed. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND LOVE IT! Guess who will own it all in their plan!

Klaus Schwab

Klaus Martin Schwab is a German engineer, economist and founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He has acted as the WEF’s chairman since founding the organisation in 1971

A lot of people are starting to feel as if Klaus Schwab is the anti-Christ. He is advocating that no one should buy or sell without a digital health certificate, and he advocates trans-humanism while insisting on lockdowns of even religion. I don’t know about being the anti-Christ, but he is a very sick and highly dangerous man. Any world leader who travels to his conferences should be thrown out of office.

What Schwab is doing is trying to take over the world, not by any democratic process, but by advocating tyranny. I have stated many times that the Founding Fathers did not understand Roman history. They assumed that Julius Caesar was some evil dictator and Cato with Cicero were the good guys. Unfortunately, they were not fully informed, for had they been informed, they would NEVER have advocated a Republic. Every Republic in history has turned into an oligarchy.

He has his foot in the door in Israel:Trustee, The Peres Center For Peace, Tel Aviv, Israel

Klaus Schwab and his spiritual advisor Yuval Noah Harari are the likely characters introduced to us in the book of Revelation chapter 13: 1 thru 18! If they are not the ones who are the beasts they surely will be the ones who will produce them! We are indeed in the book of Revelation and fulfilling the prophecies of the Holy Bible.

Klaus Schwab has stated that his goal is to have one world government by 2030. If you have studied the goals of Adolph Hitler. He intended to create a master race and murder all of the Jews in the world as well as any gentile that didn’t see things his way. Anyone he didn’t murder he would work too death because he would use them as slaves! To rule the world was his real aim and Klaus Schwab has said he plans to complete what Hitler started! Is their any doubt in your mind that the government of America has signed onto that plan and working diligently to reach those goals by 2030? Within a few short years they will pull the triggers they have planted in each person who has taken the so called vaccination!

Both Klaus and this man are candidates for the Antichrist however if Klaus is the Antichrist I would believe Yuval Noah Harari is very likely to be the second beast in Revelation 13! If you saw a list of the people in our government who have joined hands with Klaus Schwab you would be shocked!

The Fourth Reich

Now what we see coming is the Fourth Reich. Yes I know you thought Hitler was dead and that is probably true now. But the governments of the western world are now controlled by people worse than Hitler!

But someone predicted exactly what they would do thousands of years ago. His name is Jehovah God! He is going to come and has already told us that He will remove those who love Him. We don’t have the time to hesitate because He will wait until the last second to bring destruction to them and their plan! The hour of decision is now and if you allow Satan and his followers cause you to delay accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you will be swept directly into the tribulation period! The predicted wrath of God is something you don’t want any part of and it is certain to arrive on time!

The Lord loves all of His creation and that is why He became flesh and dwelt among men John 1:14. Yes Jesus is God and it is His love for all of His creation that He went to the cross and paid our sin debt! But them who don’t appreciate that will all suffer great loss and His total Wrath! While you are at it read John 15 and pay close attention to what He says at the beginning of chapter 15. He makes it clear He expects us to grow after saves us!

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