The first sign that something is not going to pass the smell test is “no scrutiny is allowed”. Misinformation and you can’t talk about this or there will be dire consequences! That is exactly what we are seeing as the merging of socialism and fascism takes place throughout the world. Actually it is Communism and Nazism principals are put in place worldwide! Fulfilling Bible prophecy to the letter and we will not find the courage on planet earth to stop it. If your argument won’t stand being scrutinized you must attack your detractors and eliminate them at all cost!

Not just in the book of Revelation but throughout the Old and New Testaments. Death rate worldwide will skyrocket as the wicked among us eliminate all who dare to oppose them! Yes the Bible is true and this is the end times!

All hell is going to breakout on planet earth and you can be here for it or you can accept Jesus as your personal savior. God sends no one to hell they have the option to go where they think they will enjoy spending eternity! Choose wisely eternity is a long long time and once you are there there’s no exit.

It is my opinion that the world in now being managed by the criminally insane! If these people had come on the scene a hundred and fifty years ago they would have decorated the street light poles. You will own nothing and be happy. They openly say they will commit crimes against all descent people who work and mind their own business. Then tell the rest of the populace what they can and can’t say about those in power while they pay a salary to them every month! We are here to serve the people, they say. If you aren’t wondering what people that might be.

The USA has had some bad leaders over the last two plus years but I believe Uncle Joe takes the second place to:

A rare picture of Barry Sotero (left) and Michael LaVaughn Robinson (right), more commonly known as Barack and Michelle Obama (no idea who the white dude in the center is) Pasadena, 1980.

I have no idea who snapped this photo or if it is legit but I believe Barry is very likely the chief advisor to Uncle Joe! In all of the years of Joe’s political life he has never accomplished anything for the country but built a legacy for himself that I wouldn’t want. But he will soon face God and will see very clearly the fruits of his life!

God tells us in His word what is coming and He has never got it wrong! Thousands of years have passed and what ever He said would happen before the end time has happened exactly as He said it would. That is proof that what He promised in the end time will also happen and is happening now! Don’t believe for a second that He has any of it wrong!

When the crazies take over God will step in and end the total free will of man! When the greedy are at the point of being power drunk God will no longer allow them to exist in the world He created. His word predicted what we are seeing unfold today and you will not stop it. The evil ones have an appointment with God and they will be at the great white throne judgment just as He said they would! In fact so will you if you haven’t accepted Jesus as your savior. I would advise doing it today!

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