Trans Humanism Pt 3

Trans Humanism Pt 3

Trans Humanism is being sold to the public by the snakes of globalism. We will continue to hear all about the great benefits to come. Benefits of health, better eye sight, eyesight, muscle tone and disease free living, all a lie. In the days of Noah, God eliminated everything that was not created by Him. He will do the same this time. But lets take a look at the real goal of these people. They want to change the entire world into a dictatorship. Believe it or not, they will succeed in doing it, but it will last only about seven years. Seven years of pure hell and America is standing in the way of that dream.

I know that most who read this will not believe a word of what I say, but that is not important. I am trying to reach the few that don’t want to reject Jesus Christ, at any cost! The hell these people like Clinton, Bush, McCain, Obama, Romney and Pelosi, just to name a few. They are all aware of what they are doing and don’t see a Christian as being as good as a dog. Plus they will not invite you into the tunnels they have built with your money, when all hell breaks out.

The creation of creatures that will be released upon the earth will see anything human as prey. The reason you are seeing the mass shootings and lawlessness in America is simple. They want the guns so you can’t defend yourself and family. But if they can’t get the guns they are prepared to destroy every inch of America to reach the goal of One World Government. Billions of your tax dollars have been spent to protect them and deceive you about what is going on!

But now the transgenders and the hell that is planned for you. Lets take a look at the reality of the future that awaits to be unleashed very soon. Oh they are going to tell you it is down the road and that won’t end the human race. They are even going to promise immortality as the future for you! They will tell you that they and you will become gods. All the stops will be pulled out to sell the lie that Lucifer and his family have been trying to sell ever since the Garden of Eden. But there is only one God and He will stop it once and for all. Lets look at the sales job that will be put on you.

First of all they will be selling the story about what you have heard about the Bible. For thousands of years man has believed the Bible to be old Jewish fables, and that none of it is true. The followers of Lucifer want you to believe that the Bible is a great deception. End time prophecy is being fulfilled very rapidly. Right now today, you can order a kit that will teach you how to hack the DNA of yourself and your pets. Right now today, you can create a bacteria that will destroy all life as we know it. A virus with no cure, that will kill more people in less time than any mass shooting you’ve ever heard of. What does the Bible have to say on that subject?

Matthew 24: 22

(22) And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

That is exactly where we are today. Prophesied about two thousand years ago and at our doors today! In my next article I will show you what the evil among us is doing that will change the world you live in, not someday but now.

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