Daughter of Babylon!

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man! God knows and predicted what would happen in the end of days! Evil grows many times faster than good and the wicked who possesses this evil has engulfed America in this the last days of the rule of man on earth! God will now take back what Adam gave Satan possession of in the Garden of Eden! Your laughter will die in your throats as you watch the next seven to ten years!

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God showed Nebuchadnezzar a view of the broad future of the world in a dream. Did you see it and do you really understand what you are looking at? I’ll bet if you saw it you don’t see the whole story that God revealed. Few people believe that we are in the end of the church age. I am shocked at the people who say they are a true believer in God yet still can find a reason to think these are not the last days!

No I don’t think the world will end soon however I see this as the end of God allowing man to rule himself! God promises the return of Jesus and to put an end to the chaos that the wicked have planned for thousands of years. We are about to see both the beginning and the end of the rule of the so called elites! They plan your extinction and say the new date to have it is 2025 down from 2030, according to what I have heard.

The problem for America is that our problem is Domestic Terrorism. When the criminal element is in your own camp and the whole deal is prepared for in your own government No one wants to believe that it is an inside job but it was and all setup over about two hundred and forty-seven years!

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Set Your Schedule!

Who sets the priorities at your house Satan or God? That may sound like insanity to you but most people if they are honest will tell you that they set them. But that being true we still need to know if they make decisions only based on what Gods word says or if they say they have to accept the reality that they don’t know when Jesus will come for them and if He should tarry they must have done the safe thing and decided based on the fact that they will probably still be here years from now!

That almost certainly was true twenty years ago but if we are paying attention we know that all governments are now centers of organized crime! The one world government promised by God is now in complete control. Within ten years the rapture will have happened and anyone still alive can safely assume they are either blessed or very lucky possibly both!

In America the government of by and for the people has been stolen from a lazy people who failed their children and grand children. The people you chose to represent you in Washington DC have long since given you the middle finger and stolen everything you thought was yours!

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The clock has been ticking for a long time but if you are paying attention you know everything is different now! The world has moved into the last phase before the great tribulation begins. Only those who know their Bible can see it and the majority of the worlds population will have no idea what’s happening. They believe the lie that the new world order is the beginning of a great new life experience. Just as in the days of Noah they will be swept into their destruction and by the time they understand what is happening the trap will slam shut leaving no way out! When God shut the trap on Noah’s ark it was too late for the people outside. Scream and beg wouldn’t work and they all perished. That is exactly the coming scenario for millions who hoped there wasn’t a God who was done being told to get out of the world He had created thousands or maybe millions of years ago!

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The first sign that something is not going to pass the smell test is “no scrutiny is allowed”. Misinformation and you can’t talk about this or there will be dire consequences! That is exactly what we are seeing as the merging of socialism and fascism takes place throughout the world. Actually it is Communism and Nazism principals are put in place worldwide! Fulfilling Bible prophecy to the letter and we will not find the courage on planet earth to stop it. If your argument won’t stand being scrutinized you must attack your detractors and eliminate them at all cost!

Not just in the book of Revelation but throughout the Old and New Testaments. Death rate worldwide will skyrocket as the wicked among us eliminate all who dare to oppose them! Yes the Bible is true and this is the end times!

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War Crimes!

Most who will read this are not old enough to realize the serious nature of it all. Even in Europe and Israel people may have a faint understanding of it all. However when an individual decides that he is God and develops a plan to murder millions of people he must be stopped at all costs! In the case of what we see now it is billions of people are scheduled to be murdered and few people seem to see the problem. During WWII we thought we saw the worst of this but today we are starting what the wicked among us are capable of! If you are a serious Bible student you know what is happening and that God is the only answer! But if you choose not to know your enemies you give them a serious advantage over you! As made clear by God in the following verse of scripture!

Hosea 4: 6

(6) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

In my opinion to ignore that advice from God is to tell Him you trust your opinion more than you do His!

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Are you a pillock or just someone who can’t figure or recognize a couple of nitwits when you see them. I will tell you it is hard for me too believe we could have eighty million stupid people in America. Much less that they would all go to vote in 2020! But when we look at the mess we are in 2023 you have to either be a pillock or Obama and his people are in the mix somewhere in our government. Then again we don’t hear a peep from enough people too put up a good opposition too the coup we are seeing in America today!

But to prefer a coup too getting into power with a legitimate election is a clear indication that you knew there were too few illiterates out there that could be swayed too believe that you were anything other than a first class crook! But then the Bible told us what would happen in the latter days and we are clearly there!

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Absolute Proof!

For those of you who either don’t believe in God or those who believe He exists but the Bible isn’t always true! Not being Bible literate in the sense that you haven’t studied it enough too really know what it says. I am going to try to help you before you miss the rapture and experience the most terrible things you or I can even imagine. I don’t want your money or any of your things so you know I am not with the government! I just want you too escape the wrath of a Holy God who has taken all the insults and abuse He wants to stand. Like all of us there is a limit too His mercy and He has reached it! He sends no body too hell He offered a pardon too all and became flesh. Died too pay the sin debt we all owe but we must accept the pardon too escape hell! Yes God, hell, heaven all of these things are real and didn’t create themselves! It is for certain God has done all and more to give you a way out of your worst nightmare. He loves everybody but is not going to allow the evil globalists too have the last word in this war. They are waging against God the creator! They boldly say they are going to kill all who do not see things their way and steal all that is yours. Then even have the audacity too think they can kill God!

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Understand This!

To understand what is happening in the entire world you must start with “Operation Paperclip”!

In a covert affair originally dubbed Operation Overcast but later renamed Operation Paperclip, roughly 1,600 of these German scientists (along with their families) were brought to the United States to work on America’s behalf. The program was run by the newly-formed Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), whose goal was to harness German intellectual resources to help develop America’s arsenal of rockets and other biological and chemical weapons, and to ensure such coveted information did not fall into the hands of the Soviet Union! If you understand this you will be able to understand that America is in fact responsible for all of the organized “New World Order” things that are going on worldwide right now in 2022! That is exactly why Russia, India and others are not wanting to be part of it. They don’t want to be part of a one world government that is controlled by the United States however I believe that they will be persuaded too become a part of it!

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Who Is Lying?


The guy who wants to sell you “The Great Reset or the Christian who is giving you free information”! The last one is me and I don’t want your money or any of your possessions. The people we elected to speak for us, who we pay quite handsomely I might add. Yet they have lied too get elected and then lied again when the took their oath! That if you are paying attention was the one that is spoken of in the Holy Bible.

John 8: 44 thru 46

(44) Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

(45) And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

(46) Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

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