American Reality!

Most people really have no idea where we are in time! Especially Americans, and without a doubt people who claim to be Christians! The majority of people living in America have never served in a branch of the military. They have no idea what a patriot is or how we got to where we are as a nation. They don’t know anything about the founders of our nation or the political parties that have hijacked the nation. They have no idea what it takes to get a free nation or what it takes to keep it. The citizens of America think that they can trust those people that have been elected to an important office. That they can always be trusted to do what they have sworn too do! But they are about to find out that our greatest enemies are domestic! For over two hundred years the snakes and the cockroaches have moved forward with their plans and worked to steal, kill and destroy! Living right under the noses of them who are paying for their own destruction!


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Common Good!

What is it and what is the goal? There will be very few questions because it has been around for so long and no one has bothered to look at it in it’s total scope! The younger you are the less likely it will be that you really understand what What does “Common Good” really say about the person or persons who are trying to sell it to you?

The people who no longer live in Cuba, China, Russia and places like Venezuela. They will remember who profits by governments designed for so called: “The Common Good”! That phrase should be screaming loudly at you and you should be hearing it very clearly!

The government represented by this phrase has been tried many many times and has always proved that working hard and keeping some of every dollar you have earned. But the people who are selling this form of government are always lying, stealing, criminals who never hesitate to lie and that is why they will end up as a failure in the final judgment!

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Ezekiel 38 War!


I know that if you are a Christian you may be watching what’s happening in the world and wonder why the Rapture hasn’t happened yet. You will not get your answers in most churches because most pastors stay away from anything controversial. In fact prophecy, period is rarely preached in church. You must do your own Bible study, hopefully with another person. If you get lucky you may even find someone who knows how to study.

Study of the Bible must start with believing that all of the Bible is truth. Plus I recommend an original version of the King James Bible. Making a version easier to read is not the answer to knowing the truth! It is merely an excuse to avoid study!

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Stealth Operation

Have you ever heard the stories about the S10,000 toilet seats etc that our federal government has purchased? What was your thinking and comments about anyone that would make a purchase like this? You, no doubt believed that anyone who would do something like this was really incompetent. You fumed about it but never did anything about it. Certainly never thinking that there was more to this story than you were being told. You just wrote it off as a stupid government employee doing a stupid thing. If you looked into it at all you found other purchases that were equally as ridiculous. So you fumed a little more but did nothing and thousands of other Americans responded just like you did! But who do you believe was really being stupid?

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Not Amused!

The America that is trying to compel not only it’s own people to accept conduct that is repugnant to all but the imbeciles among us! But want to promote it to the entire planet. Yes they want a One World Order that is ruled to favor those who possess an evil mind with no boundaries! Where debauchery is the order of the day and all that disagree will be eliminated or enslaved.

But it comes as no surprise to God who in fact tells us in the pages of His word that our world would reach that point. Anyone who finds that surprising needs to make a course correction in their lives rather quickly! In fact it may already be too late to get it done before being thrust into the Great Tribulation Period. But we are not without warning that we live in the a world created by God and He will have the final say about how much evil He will allow the bad to perpetrate on the good!

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Know Your Enemy!

The Constitution gives all Americans the right to end the direction America is going. However if they refuse to stand up and tell the leaders of the government that they don’t have their support anymore. God has the duty to see them as supporting the evil that America does each and every day. Yes, silence is the same as acceptance in a country where the government is: “we the people”! Just a very short look around should convince you that America is the leader of corruption in the world. We are either financing or committing everything from child trafficking to out right murder and much more! Our populace is covered in blood from head to toe. No it didn’t just start it has been going on from the first day there was an America! Our parents, great great grand parents, grand parents and us we are all guilty! So for years now anyone who speaks up will be silenced, from the general laborer to the White House will be silenced if they are seen to disagree with the globalist mob who controls our lives!

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Who Has Wisdom!

God tells us that we will receive wisdom from Him if we seek it. However, He does not promise He will give us wisdom so we can fortify what we already believe. So lets use our God given wisdom to go into His word to prove that America is in the word of God!

I find very few people who believe America is in the Bible. But it is and I will show you where and if you won’t see it you don’t have God Given Wisdom! Among those who claim America isn’t in the Bible are pastors who claim to know the God who created them.

In our day we are fulfilling Bible Prophecy at breakneck speed! Yet many people are still asking God to return our world to what they perceive as normal. Not understanding that what we see as normal is repugnant to God. But He has promised that He will give us a new normal in the end time and this is it!

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America’s Future!

America has become so corrupt that it is not possible for it to survive another quarter century! Amazing as it may seem it is because good men did nothing as the evil among us took the reigns of the nation and turned America directly into a sewer! Brave men and women established America almost two hundred and fifty years ago. They worked hard and for the most part lived a clean and moral life. All the while there were the evil among us who kept working hard to corrupt all that was decent and good. Now they have taken control away from the people who established the nation. They see their goal dead ahead and will not be denied. Because of the lack of a firm commitment to God. Those of good character have allowed the sewer rats to bring America to a point where everything immoral and evil is suddenly held up as right!

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Updated Hitler Plan!

Take a good look at what Hitler did before the end of WWII and compare it to what you see happening right now today! Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish People. Look at what America did after World War Two and you will see that many of the key people in Hitlers Administration were brought to America. America was busy assembling the plan to create the New One World Order you see coming to reality right now! If you are honest in your heart and fit the pieces together you will quickly see that the conspiracy had already begun. The children of those conspirators have completed the work that their fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers had laid the foundation for! Now we see another Hitler is continuing the work of the first Hitler!

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Mark of the Beast!

Revelation 19: 20

(20) And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Only those persons with the wisdom to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be able too understand that we are now in the setup phase to establish One World Government. All of this has been in scripture for thousands of years but the majority of the world population has rejected it! Today Bible prophecy is being fulfilled rapidly. Will you be one of those who live and reign with Jesus Christ or are you going to prefer to go to hell. There are only two choices available too you Heaven or Hell, your choice!

If you are a person that believes that you came from the line of monkeys that inhabit our earth. It will be very hard for you to make the only wise choice here. The majority of the populace will choose the monkey because they hate Jesus Christ. The only one who loves you enough to die for you!

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